Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RE: Light bulb moment…..letting it illuminate a wider path

One of my fascinations with life is how it will present you the things you need when you are either ready for them or willing to SEE them.
For years, on and off, I have tried to meditate.
I would sit there quietly trying to still my mind…. I failed every time….or rather my high achiever self felt like I failed because I could not quiet my mind.
So, I dismissed it. Another old routed trait of mine ‘ if I am not good at it ditch it’
I remember trying to learn squash and being really shit, which frustrated the hell out me….so I threw a tantrum ( another old trait….ask my mother) and went back to tennis….bigger racket ;)
Last month I started a new acting class that was coupled with reading the book ‘Left Brain turn Right’ ( read it….it’s great) and one of the exercises was to meditate.
So, I did. This time though with the advice of just allowing my mind to do whatever and to observe it. WOW…..Did I ever need a few minutes for that lot to calm the f**k down! I always knew I was wired in a fast broadband kind of way but…..really? sheeesh. No wonder I am tired! LOL
Anyway, my point it is I am finally learning to breathe and take time for me…..not me running lists in my head…again and again.
Sounds selfish I know but hey….I think SELF should come first. You have much more to give others once you have taken care of yourself.
Like most things in life you learn only with time and age. Good old age. But that, I am grateful for.Learning to embrace each decade for the gifts it brings.
Setting new goals, listening to what you truly want, not allowing past ideals to restrict your future, because your future is YOUR journey no one elses.
Compare is very much to despair and with this one precious life we need to stop allowing past ideas or present people to define us.
We are all on our own special unique path….so follow it…enjoy the journey…be you…be authentic….stop trying to please others because that is an impossible feat.

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